CPD Intensivpflegedienst
Claudia Schiefer GmbH


Headquarters Munich:
Elsenheimerstraße 15
80687 München
Phone: 089 / 552 79 50
Fax: 089 / 57 93 86 11


Nuremberg branch:
Kontumazgarten 3
90429 Nürnberg
Phone: 0911 / 92 89 84-0
Fax: 0911 / 92 89 84-44


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What can we do for you and your family?

CPD Intensivpflegedienst has provided home-based care for the seriously ill for many years. It is extremely important to our patients that they can remain in their familiar environment even after their living conditions change dramatically.

They can continue living at home because we provide them with professional care services and offer out-patient respiratory support in addition to intensive care. We are available for our patients around the clock, helping them and their carers to live a normal life again.

Call us. We look forward to hearing from you and always take the time to advise you personally.


For more information please download our flyer. (German)